3D Animation Course Ahmedabad.

The 2D-3D Animation is the process of designing, Art, drawing, making layouts and preparation of photographic sequences which are integrated into the multimedia and gaming products. Animation directly links to Visual imagination and imagination is the source of creation.

Animation 2D and 3D

The 2D 3D Animation is the process of designing, drawing, making layouts and preparation of photographic sequences which are integrated into the multimedia and gaming products. Animation directly links to  Visual imagination and imagination is the source of creation and art Animation can be sourced into two parts that is 2D (two dimension ) animation and 3D (three dimension) animation. 2D Animation is an animation style represented by animated environments that feature depth and emotion without the benefit of actual dimensional depth whereas 3D animation refers to the work of creating moving pictures in a digital environment that is 3 dimensional. IIDA is the best training institute to learn 2D and 3D animation.

2D animation is one of the main part of animation  It’s widely used for creating animated movies, cartoons, marketing videos, advertisements, educational materials, games, many more.

With the increase of video content, more and more businesses think about using animated videos for promotion, as they increase conversion rates by 40%. Some companies hire animation team for creative animation advertisement the others attempt to create them online with the assistance of video maker tools.

2D 3D Animation Course Ahmedabad

What is 2D Animation?

Two-dimensional or 2D animation is characterized by having its objects and characters created within the two-dimensional space. It means they only have a width and height. It’s considered a standard animation style, known from the 1800s. Initially, it had been created by pulling together the frames during which one drawing was followed by another one which slightly differed from it. Every second included 24 frames.We all remember the classic Disney animations, right? Snow White and therefore the Seven Dwarfs, Bambi, the small Mermaid, and so on. they’re a number of the foremost popular 2D animations.With the event of computer technologies, this process was also digitized through various animation software with the choice of drawing the characters and backgrounds directly into the pc and animating them. Now, let’s learn more about how 2D animation is made. the method consists of three main phases: pre-production, production, and post-production. Let’s see what’s included in each of them.

What is 3D Animation?

3D Artists are often involved in several early steps of the VFX pipeline so on confirm they deliver an animation-ready model. as an example, so on offer a personality the right personality traits and movements, the Animator must confirm that whoever is rigging the model does it with those things in mind. During the rigging process, the character is given bones, skin weights, and constraints that allow it to maneuver in specific ways. If this is often not through with the Animator’s needs in mind, the model goes to be sent back.

Animators are responsible for giving objects weight and timing that end within the thing feeling like it truly exists within the planet we see it in. a superb example of this is often ready to be baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2. Though this movie takes place during a fantasy world, Groot’s body movements and facial expressions are so fluid and realistic, they cause viewers to laugh and feel sentimental. He truly fits seamlessly into the earth around him. The animation could also be an enormous part of bringing characters to this point.

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Animation In Film Industry

the successful use of motion capture tools is that the War of the earth of the Apes. The actors who played the apes wore motion-capture suits, which were filmed by a series of cameras. the info was then sent to animators who made creative choices to reinforce the personalities of the 3D modeled apes that might replace the actors. This process is becoming more commonplace by the day in both the film and games industries.

Pre Production

The pre-production of film process is the first stage of making animations. During this stage, the animation team develops the story and writes the script of the animation, designs the characters, creates a storyboard, chooses the color palettes, prepares the backgrounds, and records the voice-over. this is often a preparation stage for the most process, so it must be properly done. 

A well-written script should imply all the visual actions and storyline. The storyboard is predicated on the script, so it visually represents the sequence of actions and events by showing how they’re organized

The next step is creating the characters, outlining the backgrounds, and preparing other visual elements of the animation. It starts with simple sketches and develops into detailed designs and pictures. Then, it’s time to make a decision on the color palettes of the animation, including the colours of varied objects and lighting

Another important part of any animation is backgrounds where different actions come to life and therefore the characters perform their activities, During the pre-production process, the most background layouts are sketched, supported the storyboard. The prepared sketches are going to be painted during the assembly process.


Film Animation Production is the process of making the animation by gathering all the created materials together and producing the scenes of film. This includes painting the backgrounds, creating the individual scenes and character activities, making the rough animation, cleaning up the animation (tracing), inbetweening, colouring and painting the drawings with the assistance of computer software, compositing, and export.

To pull everything which created together, animators create an exposure sheet that has all the instructions on the way to make each scene. The exposure sheet is split into following five parts

  • Actions and timing
  • Dialogues and music
  • Animation layers
  • Backgrounds
  • View perspective

When the rough film animation is made, it have to e cleaned up and polished. This process called tracing and may be wiped out two ways during a new layer or directly over an equivalent layer with different colour

In between is employed to form a smooth animation by adding additional drawings between two frames. for instance, if you would like to make a bouncing ball scene, you ought to draw transitional frames between the primary scene where the ball is on the highest and therefore the second frame where the ball is on the bottom.

When the all frames are fully ready, they’re scanned into a computer, if they’re not drawn digitally. Then, it’s time to mix all the visual elements that supported the exposure sheet. During the composting process, the specialists add the backgrounds, frames, sounds, and the other effects that are required.

This is mostly got by different animation software. When the composting process is over, the animated scenes are rendered as Film Moview

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Post Production

Post-production is the final editing process of 2D animation. During this phase, the animation is enhanced with additional sound effects or recordings which increase the emotional impact of the animation. Once the ultimate version is prepared, it’s rendered and exported to different formats.

These were the fundamentals of 2D animation and its creation process that each beginner should realize. To become a complicated animator, you ought to learn more about the techniques and best practices of creating animations.

Why Choose IIDA ( Graphic Animation Institute Ahmedabad)

IIDA (Graphic Design Animation Institute Ahmedabad) is helping all those students who are interested in this field 2D 3D Animation course and giving them a platform to explore themselves. We have both 2D and 3D Animation Course where you get a chance to learn from the expert and highly experienced multimedia designers with fully industrial live training that is the main benefit to join with us, we providing internship during training with our IT company eleventh info Animators Designers at IIDA (Graphic Design Animation Institute Ahmedabad) explain the topic precisely to students with individual attention and briefed animation course training assists students to grab a job with a good salary package. We strictly follow our rules and regulations in order to impart education in the IT field. After completing the 2D and 3D animation course from IIDA, it will be so easy for you to hit a good job post in the IT sector. IIDA also supports students with internships and 100% job

Job Opportunity

  • Graphics Designer
  • Video Editor
  • 3D Animator
  • Rigging Artist
  • Texture Artist
  • 2D Animator
  • Rendering Artist
  • Image Editor
  • Lightning Artist
  • Key Frame Animator
  • Digital Ink and Paint Artist
  • Special Effect Artist
  • Character Animator
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